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Timeline/phase of Kearney Extreme Paintball

We are hoping to start in late 2023 or mid 2024. If everything is ready to go we would be willing to start as early as possible.

Our plan is to start with an outside paintball field size (100’x180’) to make sure that Kearney finds paintball suitable for the town. We will be supplying the gun's, goggles/helmets padding, and paintballs. There will be inflatable bunkers and a net around the field to contain the paintballs. We would also like to have food and beverage or a concession stand for our customers so during their break they can get a snack and a drink and get ready to go for their next round. We're thinking about three to five years down the road we would have enough money to build a building for indoor paintball. Five years in and we would like to sell merchandise such as: guns, goggles, helmets, t-shirts and padding, to customers who would like to buy their own stuff.

Also we plan on doing intramurals, cop training, wedding parties, Clubs (youth groups/ church group,ect) with our indoor facility. Eventually we would like to do tournaments and not only tournaments but have a Kearney paintball team that would be able to compete against other paintball businesses. 

From then on we plan to thrive with the business and make Kearney a more active and fun place with entertainment all around.

Kearney Extreme Paintball - Future Company Description

There are limited indoor facilities in Kearney that allow people to escape the cold or the summer heat and participate in a fun, competitive, physically demanding activity. As young adults living in Kearney there are limited places to go for entertainment. One afternoon while wondering what to do it occurred to us that an indoor paintball facility would be a fun activity for the community. Kearney Extreme Paintball gives the community an indoor activity that helps friends and families grow closer. Also, paintball motivates people to get out and move no matter the weather conditions. Kearney Extreme Paintball is located in Kearney Nebraska. Kearney Extreme Paintball was created to bring new and fun indoor entertainment to Kearney.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for the community to participate in friendly competition while getting out and moving. Leaving friends and family with everlasting memories.


The main services we provide are paintball games. We provide the items necessary to play the game while they pay an admission fee. This service can be to a couple of people at a time or to a large group including, college intramurals, boy scouts, youth groups, birthday parties, date nights, and much more. We also hope to sell retail items such as t-shirts, ball caps, and designed water bottles. Another service we hope to provide is assorted drinks and snacks. These services are for people age 10 years old and up. 


Our future goal is to find the perfect location and get the community moving by participating in games of paintball. For the future we would like to expand our services to be able to sell paintball equipment and possibly expand to have an indoor and outdoor facility. In the future we envision people already planning for their next experience at Kearney Extreme paintball making it a key location in Kearney for the community and surrounding areas. 

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